I hope this will stay on the side of the wiki ;D


Happy birthday!!!! I have no idea what else to say except i hope that you'll have an awesome bday wherever you are, like, on Mars or something ;)

Let me just put it through pics!

  • Kids grow up so fast!!!!! *sobs*
  • ..on ur bday :D
  • Troll say happy bday!!!!
  • I know that you like Seddie ;D
  • Last but not yeast, iCarly FTW!!!!!! (also on ur bday!!!!)

I know this is too early to celebrate, but WHO CARES!!!!

Happy 17th bday!!!

(ON Oct 12th, or 17th, im too confused, ill check later)

Seddie1196 22:56, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

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