So here, you just share your strange talents, and interesting things about you. For example (me):

1. I can twist my tongue, and do the 3 leaf clover with my tongue.

2. Im creative (at art, music and theatre).

3. I have a sharp elbow :P (im kinda skinny) so when i elbow someone they'll REALLY get hurt.

You guys can put more if you'd like, and have fun :D

Please stop :(

Hey guys! This is just a note, go on with the game if you'd like.

So i was reading

and i was HEARTBROKEN for the Creddie shippers.The drama never stopped ever since Katydidit went au revoir,and we need to stop this now. Why can't we have the same old wiki? Why can't we all excited for the new episode? Remember when we were all excited for iStart a Fanwar? We were laoding comments on that page when we waited. Lets all be nice to eachother again. Sure, its true, its not Degrassi, but its their opinions. My school starts on Michael Jackson's birthday (still his biggest fan!) and i'll only be here on weekends, ok? Love y'all :)8 That's bowtie man :D


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