Hey guys, this is is itzxlucy, ignore the fact that I'm on my rp and not my real user that's not important. So the longer I'm here the more I realize that internet saftey is really low on some people priorites. Some people here have considered dating people on here, someone they've never even met before.

Today in class I watched two movies in my class called Catfish, and talhotblond it's about an online relationship and it really makes you realize how dangerous they can be. I really think you guys should watch them, you learn a lot that you might not have known before, and makes you realize how easy it is to be taken advantage of.

However, I think both movies are mature, so I'd suggest not watching unless you're old enough, I don't want to give movies to underage people, but then again I can't stop you.


talhotblond: (the audio isn't in sync, but it doesn't really matter, you really just need to listen to it)

I think Catfish is the more entertaining one, talhotblond is the more horrifying one, it's very similar to katydidit.

The point of this blog is kind of a wake up call, you are never completely safe on the internet no matter how safe you feel. No matter how well you think you know somoene you could be completely wrong, it's so easy to lie on the internet, and I would hate if something terrible happened to anyone here.

Edit: Just finished talhotblond, and while there isn't a rating, I'm assuming it's R so do not watch it unless you're 17 or older.

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