I know y'all notice this but tell me why is that carly and sam hasn't payed any attention to freddie in i hire an idiot? it took a sexy girl to get carly and sam to notice him. and telling him what he can't hire without their promission i don't know about y'all but i knew freddie wasn't jealous he just didn't like the dude because he was stupid and didn't want him anywhere near his stuff. if he was jealous he wouldn't agreed with the girls when they wanted to hire that other dude before cort and he was good looking too no homo. we all seem sam's face when ole girl came in with freddie she wanted to kill her because she thought freddie was dating her and she noticed she was sexier and older but she played it cool. we all know carly's side she just like teasing the boy she only danced with the dude because she wanted to make it a special night for him it took one life treating moment to bring out her true feelings in which we all know wasn't real she felt like she owed him for saving her life. now back to sam if y'all haven't noticed it she had been trying to get freddie to notice her dressing girly but not too girly and being doing sexual thing to him she just play like she's going after other dude just to make him jealous. remember when carly asked her and freddie did they like the kiss ? she was waiting for freddie to answer first before they were interupted by spencer. because us men know we have to make the first move just look back when ikiss first aired when she said well lean she wanted him to make the first move because he was a man.

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