wats good all you icarly fans i know y'all patiently waiting to see what's going to happen in the next episode i am also. but let's put the icarly talk for a sec and talk football if you're a football fan like i am starting with the draft. there's some talent in this draft class on the defensive side to me starting with nick fairley the defensive tackle out of aurburn who we might see go number one to the carolina panthers. the other da'quan bowers is the second best player in the draft some call him the next julius peppers he could fall to number two to my broncos if we don't take corner back patrick peterson the third best player in the draft. von miller the fourth best player we might see him go number three overall to the bills or drop to five to the cardinals because the bengals need a impact need an impact reciever like aj green the fifth best player in the draft with chad and t.o. aging.

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