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    A  Really icing   fanfiction(one shot)

    I  made  it  up...

    Using  my  own  real friend.

    On the 15  Feb  2013 Fri..

    Around  6.28pm

    Right  after  work..

    Sam   looked towards Erika  side and asked:

    Where do  you want  to go and have  your dinner

    Right  After  Dominic heard what sam asked  his  girlfriend

    He  just  rushed  up towards her direction..

    Sam  Keep your hand off my girl..

    Erika  held Dominic back:

    No  worries. You  are still my  Domy that I still love to bits..

    5 second  later

    Melvin clear his throat as if he  thought he  was still  a Army officer training under  the sun:

    Attention ...You two...

    After  they heard what  Melvin  say:

    Please dont ask  us  to   do push up..

    I  just held  his hand:

    Melvin my  friend. I know you are my  hungry  cat..

    Let  all…

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  • Bubblegumviper24


    Oh  my  gosh....

    Guess  what..

     The Hedgy The  Miz  help out The Viper Randy  Orton last week  to win   as  a official WWE  Referee...:)

    Both   of them were both  in  the  same year  1980...

    Oh Really..

    Awww how  nice...

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  • Bubblegumviper24

    Even though

    January 20, 2013 by Bubblegumviper24

    Even though..

    We  are not  just  like Creddie.

    It doesnt  Really  hurt.anymore.

    Because  I  finally found my perfect glass  cup Part  time Job.

    2012:  Give  yourself  a timeout..(Randy  Orton  words)

    Finally  2013

    It came to me: Think  Far  and Dont  carry negative thought!

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  • Bubblegumviper24


    November 12, 2012 by Bubblegumviper24

    Oh really...

    What are you thinking.

    I didnt do anything to hurt you

    What did I do.

    I am not expecting anything for you...

    Do not misjudge me..

    I am not that bad to try and hurt you..

    Really What are you expecting of me?

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  • Bubblegumviper24

    Oh I really wonder what will be next for me in November?

    I really got a Enjoyable Perfect Job..

    Before you even know it...

    It will be December....

    Merry christmas...

    Blessed be god. Amen

    That all for tonight.

    I am going off to bed.


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