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  • I live in District Seven
  • My occupation is Victor of 47th games
  • I am also something you don't need to know!
  • BubblestheLlama

    Web Show!

    February 3, 2012 by BubblestheLlama

    so i DON'T have a webshow, but if you do post the link under here in comments. I want to make a page for your web shows, and maybe they'll be as famous. if you don't have a web show and you're reading this, tell me your oppinion for a new page for this

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  • BubblestheLlama

    Hello guys im not into the whole Creddie and Seddie thing but the Cibby is really wierd. Anyway i wanted to hear your aopinion why who should be with who. first by saying im a Seddie or Creddie or Cibby or what ever than say why. Arguing back is ok but don't get out of hand. Ill start. Im a Creddie. Even though they were together for like two months or so they where really cute and i think they should be together because like Freddie gets alot of crap like weird people and ...Nora... but lik i want to see Carly get Jelouse and yeah so they should be together bease they were really cute

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  • BubblestheLlama

    the iCarly gang gets in trouble alot. Sam gets in trouble alot to. Well here is some sayings to kee them and YOU outta trouble. feel free to add some of your own!

    1) When your in a hole, DON'T keep digging

    2) Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns

    3) those who create trouble are the reall trouble

    add here

    Well thats all I got but feel free to add your own!!!

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  • BubblestheLlama

    SO whats up with all yall on the webbernet? So if you visit me on the my other wikis you will find more about me. I recommed so if you have any thing to say to me or tell me what you like put it here. so hello hey hey hey or a simple HI HI ill work. bye!!!BubblestheLlama 16:37, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

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