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Bunnyboo50 February 22, 2011 User blog:Bunnyboo50

Many people have been asking me how to make all these emotions so here!

Cheerful = File:cheerful.gif

Joy = File:joy.gif

Lawooplz = File:lawooplz.gif

La = File:la.gif

Optimism = File:optimism.gif

Huggle = File:huggie.gif

Love2 = File:love.gif

Party2 = File:party2.gif

Cake = File:cake.gif

Eager = File:eager.gif

Dummy = File:dummy.gif

Jolly = File:jolly.gif

Tighthug = File:tighthug.gif

Meow = File:meow.gif

Happy = File:happy.gif

Da love = File:da_love.gif

Giggle = File:giggle.gif

Flirty = File:flirty.gif


Put [[ ]] on each side!

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