Guys, fans, Seddiers, Creddiers, I'm creating a perfect series finale for iCarly

BUT it is a............


I can't reveal it to you guys for several reasons I'm keeping to myself!

But for the time being, you guys can guess what it is... but I'm also not revealing the name of it, but i.........

Hint #1:

1. It DOES have Seddie in it, but at a certain point, it has Creddie in it.

Hint #2:

2. It has a new shipping called Mibby, Melanie + Gibby.

Hint #3:

3. It is a somewhat simiar towards iQuit iCarly

Hint #4:

4. It is a two-hour iCarly event

Hint #5:

5. It has a song, sung by Jennette McCurdy "A Love Story"

Hint #6:

6. Guppy, Melanie, Pam Puckett, and Marissa Benson are in this episode

Hint #7:

7. It has a Big Time Rush reference from "Big Tim Girlfriends"

These are the hints so far, sooner or later I'm going to make a blog for the episode, and reveal the name so cross your fingers, Seddiers and Creddiers!

Name: i.....

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