Hi! Bunnyboo50 here!

Listen, I know this has nothing to do with iCarly.

You see I making this movie and all, and I think you get the picture. I need a girl to play the role as Samantha, a girl who has redhair that is pigtails. She is the girlfriend of a boy name Lucas.

You'll have to be ages 12-13 to play her.

Auditions are in Hollywood, CA! Genre: Action + Comedy

Samantha: A twelve year old tomboy. She is a melon colored long hair. Samantha is optimistic and self-assured for her tomboyish personality. Samantha's boyfriend is Lucas who they often display their feelings for each other, but it is shown that she wishes for him to stand up more for himself. She is known to be sassy and fearless, even showing she can stand for herself more than Lucas can, making her bold and spunky. Samantha is cheerful, upbeat, bright, full of energy, and a go-getter.

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