Hey all you Seddie fans I'm your pretending news reporter that people think:


And it's off the charts awesome!

What are your reasons Seddie Rocks The Vote?

And always remember, don't give up on your chances of Seddie being defeated! Like people say, the possibilites are ENDLESS!!

Besides, if Creddie DOES one day happen, we need to remember that Seddie was the most supported pairing on he show!

But as a Seddieshipper, Seddie Rocks the Votes!

This Bunnyboo50, your news reportor, out!!

Ikiss This user ships Seddie!!!
SeddieLove This user is a Seddie Warrior!!! and ships it forever no matter what!
SeddieSideLook This user is a 100% Seddie Super Fan!
Like This user will always love Seddie no matter what!!!
Seddie4good This user *awwed* the moment Freddie and Sam kissed

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