Seddie is one of the most popular love/hate relationships on NiCK.

There has been many evidence in the series that this relationship will eventually happen. I've heard this couple hit the ratings chart for best relationships in iCarly, being vote "Hottest Couple."

Some Seddiers see Carly using Freddie's love for her own interests (note: iMake Sam Girlier)

Some also see she is a bit shallow as seen in iDate A Bad Boy.

Seddie might happen in the future. Even though Freddie & Sam agrue with one another, in a few episodes, it is proven the two care about each other. iStart A Fanwar had many Seddie moments inside the episode, since normally, Sam will attack someone in previous episodes if they state her and Freddie as a couple.

Seddiers has done many things to approve of the relationship.

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