The Prank Anniversary Game is a worldwide game on iCarly WIKI!

This game is a tournament!!!!

This game is fun! Here are the rules of the game of what you need to do!

1.) You trick a user by saying something that is believable.

2.) If you get tricked your out for good from the tournament!

3.) Do not get mad if you're out!

Enter- If you want to enter the tournament write it on a comment below! Messages on my talk page I will not respond to it!

Whoever wins when the due date is finished and who is left standing shall be Prank King or Prank Queen.

So enter in now!!!!!

Important Notes

  • Do NOT pull your pranks on this blog, it will only make it obivously it's a prank.
  • Also, pull your pranks on pages not my blog.
  • Do not prank through ship-warring! Sombody had been taken a punishment for that and a Creddieshipper had taken it the wrong way.

If you prank someone.....

  • Please contact me on My Talk Page!
  • Do not make that person feel bad

Users Who Entered

  • Churchpants
  • TomboyDaisy
  • Rachim
  • TenCents
  • Jon23812
  • Seddieftwyea
  • Seddite
  • Seddie is love
  • SeddieWorld
  • ILoveSeddie1234321
  • Lotstar
  • ISeddieFan101
  • MaryanHPotterFan98
  • Ilovesseddie
  • RosalieTheBrave

Users Who Are Out

  • ILoveSeddie1234321: Lost to @Rachim
  • ISeddieFan101: Lost to @SeddieWorld

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