User Tag is a game of where you tag user and you need to choose a user to get tag ANY USER!!!!


  • You tag any user who is enter only!
  • You need to tag somebody in less in 10 seconds.
  • If it's pass 10 seconds I will talk to you on your talk page whether or not you already tag somebody after those seconds.
  • When the next person's tag, you find another user and no tag backs on the same user who was it before!!!
  • Do not cheat! Cheat your out for good!
  • Inorder to get someone tag on need to reply to them on a comment on the people who enter.
  • You can also tag people who has entered on other pages instead on this blog or it can get confusing!
  • Even though i'm not in the gamr, I choose the person who gets tag from the beginning, middle, or end!!

Winners or Losers???

In this game, when it's dark already and when it's 9:00 and the person who is still tagged by that time is the loser!!! So be quick if you do not want to be the last person still it!

People Who's Entered

  • KatyKat20
  • TomboyDaisy
  • ISeddieFan101
  • Jon23812
  • RosalieTheBrave
  • SeddieWorld
  • Seddite
  • ILoveSeddie1234321
  • NeneG
  • Amythest444
  • Xxcreddie4president
  • Iheartcreddie2
  • Alicia123
  • Rachim
  • Purple2

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