This is my fan made episode of Season 5.














Butler Charig


Carly: There you! Where were you, the show was suppose to be on five minutes ago!

Sam: Sorry, I had a pizza emergency! (eats pizza out of pocket)

Carly: Gross... (awkward)

Sam: Anywho, where Fredward?

Freddie: Over here!

Sam: Who-wee Benson, your looking hotter than usual. Anyway, what are you doing upside down on the ceiling, man?

Freddie: Carly made me dare firty cents to go on the ceiling with a tuxedo.

Sam: Carly, do a bet... with Freddie. (laughs happily)

Carly: Hey, its about time I do a bet instead you. (smiles)

Sam: Hee, anyway, don't we need to begin the show?!

Carly: Oh yeah, ah? Sam you work the camera, I'll do the show alone!

Sam: Whatever. (Picks up the video camera)

Freddie: What do I do?

Carly: I don't know, just... hang there!

Freddie: Hey, I'm starting to feel funny.....

Sam: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go Carls!

Carly: Hello, this is iBarly, I mean iCarly, whoooo!

Freddie: Does anyone feel dizzy, cause I do....

Carly: Shoo! Anyway, tonight we're going to start with-

(*suddenly everything goes black*)

Carly: Sam, what's up?

Sam: I don't know? Freddie help me!

Freddie: Blah blah blah (dizzy)

Carly: Let me check!

(*goes over to Sam, and checks computor*)

Carly: Why is it black?!

Sam: I don't know!

Freddie: Blah blah blah...

Carly: Maybe if I cut off this wire then it will.... (accidently cuts the wire to the ceiling)

(*Freddie gets exletriied*)

Carly & Sam: Freddie! (screams)

(*Freddie falls to the floor*)


Mrs. Benson: This is all you're fault! Freddie could have gotten kill!

Carly: I'm sorry Mrs. Benson, in the midddle of our webshow we were....

Mrs. Benson: Quiet dummy!

Freddie: Mom I.....

Sam: You be quiet! How would you like it if someone said it to you!

Mrs. Benson: I wouldn't care.

Sam: So, how long are you going to be burn up like fireworks? (worried)

Freddie: Not for too long, when I'm up and running we can get fat cakes together. (smiles)

Sam: Mama does luv fay cake! (smiles sweetly)

Carly: Hello! Earth to iCarly!

Sam & Freddie: Oh, oh yeah!

Carly: Guys, what are we going to do with the show?

Freddie: I check the laptap, and it seems a hacker has got into our system.

Carly & Sam: What? (confuse)

Freddie: A person!

Carly & Sam: Ohhhhhhh..... (understands)

Freddie: Let's just go.

(*prepares to leave and opens the door, finds Gibby, Spencer, T-Bo, and Guppy*)

Carly, Sam & Freddie: Hello?


Gibby: Dude?!

Carly: Soo why you guys are here.

Spencer: Uh, we weren't hearing everything you were saying, that would be wierd.

T-Bo: I thought we were?

Spencer: T-BO!!

T-Bo: I was just saying-"

Sam: Bye!

Freddie: Man, isn't it sweet how she doesn't beat me up?! (smiles)

Carly: Let's just go!

(*goes upstairs*)

T-Bo: Should we follow them?

Spencer: T-BO!!

(*iCarly Studios*)

Freddie: Okay, so it looks like we have no more problems?

Freddie: Totally.

Sam: Me and Fredward triple check everything.

Gibby: Are you sure?

Freddie: Sure, I-

Freddie: Wait! Gibby?!

Carly: Spencer?!

Sam: T-BO?!


Spencer: GUPPY!!

Carly: What are you guys doing here?

Spencer: We have nothing each to do.

Carly, Sam & Freddie: Right....

Freddie: Okay, the cumputor on and running!

(*then it shuts off*)

Spencer: Hey, what's going on?

Guppy: Birthday?

Gibby: Dude?!

Sam: I thought you said it was working! (mad)

Freddie: I did Golden Locks!

Carly: Guys quiet!

(*video TV moves up*)

T-Bo: Hey, why is the the TV thing moving?

Freddie: I'm not really too sure who's doing that?

Gibby: Birthday?

(*screen appears*)

Nevel: Hello iCaries!

Everyone: NEVEL!!!


Carly: Can you say, SHUT UP!

Sam: What are you doing here, Nevel?!

Nevel: Yeah Pepperman?!

T-Bo: What's a nevel?

Sam: That's a nevel, a pimple!

Freddie: Yeah! Gross!

Carly: Why are you doing here?

Nevel: Why, why, why, why, is that your answer because I-

Sam: Get to the point!

Nevel: Very well! I was introducing that we were the ones who hack into your computor.

Everyone: It was you!

Spencer: Man, your an evil nevel! You see, your getting my fingers pointing out you!

T-Bo: That pimple talks like the Jonas Brothers am I right?

Carly: Wait a minute, what do you mean we?

Nevel: Come on over here team!

Valerie: Hello, iCaries!

Everyone except T-Bo: Valerie!

Sam: YUCK!

T-Bo: Who's Valerie!

Nevel: That's not all? (*claps hands*)

Missy: Hello Sam, Carly.

Sam: Missy!

T-Bo: What?

Sam: That stuck up little pig!

Nevel: And last but not least, come over!

(*Chuck appears*)

Spencer: CHUCK!! You got Chuck!! (surprised)

Chuck: Miss me, spence?!

T-Bo: Who's Chuck?

Spencer: He's my arch-nemesis!

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