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iRock Out Part 1

Note: This is one of my fanfictions, after iStart Over.

Plot: Carly comes up with a party plan and sings "Dancing Crazy." Meanwhile, Spencer dates a new chick, but is his date hiding a secret that he doesn't know?

-Carly's apartment-

Carly: -writing- Spencer? What are you doing?

Spencer: Looking for my tie! Have you seen it?!

Carly: *smiles* No.

Spencer: Darn it! Where is it?!!!!

Carly: Why are you trying to look all fancy for?

Spencer: A dating someone.

Carly: You mean the "one."

Spencer: Yup! Now where are you tie! I know, my room!

-Spencer runs to his room-

-knock at the door-

Carly: Come in!

-Sam and Freddie come in arguing-

Carly: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

-Sam and Freddie pause-

Carly: Why are you guys arguing?

Freddie: When I wasn't looking, Sam kicked my leg, I fell to the ground, and she stole my fudge balls!

Carly: Sam!

Sam: I can't help it, I love fudge! *eats fudge ball*

Carly: I thought you guys are dating.

Freddie: That's what I said!

Sam: I can't help it. I guess I can't stop being bad.

Freddie: Well your head full fudge!

-Sam and Freddie continues arguing-

Carly: Guys! Guys!

-Sam and Freddie stop and then kiss-

Sam: I hate you!

Freddie: I hate you as well now kiss me again!

Sam: Gladly, Fredward!

-Sam and Freddie continue kissing-

Carly: Okay stop the kissing and help me with my party list.

Freddie: What party list?

Carly: The party I'm having, I'm inviting people.

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