With Guest Star Upcoming Characters in a Movie created by Director ME and a studio that I got hire of:

Part of the Demo of the Episode Part:

Carly Shay: (polite) The young girl with the cute pigtails.

Samantha: (polite) Thanks, I am a tomboy, but my pigtails are girly like normal ones. Anywho, as you can see I'm a regular Seddie shipper....

Fat Guy: YEAH! Sam & Freddie for the Win!

(Seddie Fans cheer for it's shipping on)

Samantha: Thank you, thank you, just let me finish my question first! Anyway, I going to play a role of a character name Samantha, in the upcoming movie Earthbound, but I see a little love/hate relationship!

Another Fat Guy: WHAT?!? CREEEEEDDIE!

(Creddie shouts out)

iCarly Gang: Hey guys!

Paula Polestar: HEY! You Creddiers! Let Samantha finish her point!

Ness: YEAH!

(Everybody calms down)

Samantha: Thanks Paula. So ask me if you guys have any common stuff?

Sam: "Samantha" all we have in common is shoes.

Paula Polestar: TELL US!


Carly: ALL RIGHT! Okay who's next!

(hands up)

Carly: The lovely young girl with the cute ponytail.

Emma Sparks: Hee hee, thank you, my name's

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