Narrator: It's the world primere of iStart Over, starting right now on NiCK!

iStart Over- Part 1 (keep seeing the movie until it's over)

(The Shay Apartment; The iCarly Trio Enter)

Spencer: Hey, you guys!

Carly: Hey! We're from Wendy's pool party!

Sam: Yup, now that we're back, Momma can lay, her booty on the couch.

Carly: (smiling) Sam!

Sam: HEY, I didn't lay down at ALL at the party, so I think I'll just get comfortable right here.

Freddie: Hey, why are you wearing that sailers cap?

Carly: Yeah, why are you?

Spencer: Oh, I'm just going sea sailing in the Pacific Ocean. I invited Gibby & Guppy and I rented a boat from Socko's super hot cousin, Jessica!

Freddie: How hot is she?

Spencer: Well, I wouldn't say that hot...

Sam: (getting up from the couch) Why?

Spencer: (nervous slightly) Well.... she's weird.... and smell like fish..... and wears a hook on her hand.


Spencer: Please don't let me go there.

(Sam's phone rings)

Carly: Voicemail?

Sam: Email (reads it) uhhhh....

Carly: (panicing) What?!

Sam: (disgusted) Melanie, that's what. My mom just texted me, Melanie is coming back here from her Spring break, and she'll be staying with us for the past days with me and my mother.

Carly: (relax) Oh! So, and?

Sam: Soooo, she bothers me!

Freddie: Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Hold the phone! Melanie?! Your trying to play this trick on me again, huh puckett?

Sam: What are you talking about Benson, my sister is real!

Freddie: Yeah right.

Sam: Whatever, now what am I going to do with Melanie and my mom around?

Spencer: Hey what if you bring both Melanie and your mom with me.

Carly: Are you sure about that?

Spencer: Totally. The boat has enough room for anyone!

Carly: Spencer you know that Sam's Mom can be a little-

Sam: (happy) I'M COOL WITH THAT!!!

Carly: Okay then.

Spencer: Alright, I'll hook your sister and mother in!


Stay tune for Part 2 of iStart Over!

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