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iStart Over (Movie) Part 10

Bunnyboo50 December 30, 2010 User blog:Bunnyboo50


(Pacific Ocean)

Spencer: (asleep) Of course, Lily I will go out with you!

Mrs. Benson: Psst... Spencer!

Spencer: (asleep) Your so pretty looking!

Mrs. Benson: PSST, Spencer!

Spencer: (asleep) No I wasn't cheaping on you!

Mrs. Benson: PSST, Spencer!

Spencer: Wait Lily, don't hit me with your purse!

Mrs. Benson: Spencer!

Spencer: (awake) AHHH! Ohhhhhhh...... It was a dream.

Mrs. Benson: Spencer, do you hear that?

Spencer: Hear what?

Mrs. Benson: It sounds like a squrrui munching on an acorn!

Spencer: Wait a minute, I hear it too!

(gets up and sees Pam eating a fish)

Mrs. Benson: I knew it!

Spencer: Pam! Why are you eating a large fish!

Pam: I started to freak out and I got hungry so I caught this fish and I started munching away.

Mrs. Benson: Well quiet it down....

(Mrs. Benson stares at Pam for a secound as Pam looks back)


Pam: NOOOO!!

(Mrs. Benson fights Pam over for the fish)

Gibby: (wakes up) Uhhhh, what are they fighting about?

Melanie: I'll have to go with a fish.

Gibby: Yeah...


(Done fighting)

Mrs. Benson: HA, I got it! (eats it all)

Pam: NO!

Mrs. Benson: OH YES!!

Spencer: It looks like the rain is getting harder, but good thing I put that sheat to cover the boat!

Guppy: DOLPHIN!!!

Gibby: What dolphin?

Guppy: Look!

Spencer: Wait those aren't dolphins! THOSE ARE SHARKS!!!

Everyone: AHHH!!


Gibby: Somebody feed them!

Spencer: Mrs. Benson ate all the fish!

Pam: Not all of it, I got another fish!

Melanie: Then what are you waiting for!

(Spencer gets the fish from Pam's hands and throws it to the sharks)

Gibby: Hey! Their going away!

Pam: Yeah, with all the fish in their stomaches!

Gibby: (cries) I didn't want to die this way man!

Melanie: (cries) Me too!

(Gibby & Melanie hug each other while crying)

Spencer: Come on guys, it can't get any worse.

(thunder comes in as it rains harder)

Spencer: (sigh) Why me......

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