NOTE: I'm making a comeback!

(At the Space Neetle; nightime, rainning hard)

(Carly walks in)

Freddie: Oh hey, Carly.

Carly: (smiling) Hey Freddie, nice tuxedo.

Freddie: Thanks, is Sam here.

Carly: Yup, she's coming.

Freddie: (flirty) Is she hot?

Carly: The hottest, hee hee!

Freddie: Man, this rainstorm is getting serious.

Carly: I know right. I hope Spencer and them are okay.

(scene flashs to Spencer and co.)

Spencer: We're not okay!

Gibby: I'm so wet.

Melanie: I'm so cold.

Mrs. Benson: I'm unhappy with out Freddie.

Pam: I'm so hungry.


Others: GUPPY!!

Guppy: (smiling) I ate rain.....

(scene flashes back to Carly and Freddie)

Freddie: Oh! Carly can you pass me those flowers?

Carly: Sure! (grabbs the flowers)

Carly: Ya know, I feel happy for you and...... (trips on Freddie)

Carly & Freddie: AAAAAHH!!

(they both accidently kiss each other)

(Sam walks in at that moment)


Carly & Freddie: No, no, no!!!!!!

Sam: You admit that you love me, (points at Carly) your okay with it, then the two of you smacking off and kissing!!!!!

Freddie: SAM!

Carly: It's not what it looks like!

Sam: (walks over to them) You shut your mouses!

Freddie: Wait, did she just...

Carly: I-I don't know.

Freddie: Sam, I.......

Sam: Be quiet, Fregley. Now your going to get a taste of your own fat cake!

(In slow-motion, she is about to punch Freddie, but we have a cutscene!)

(In the hospital)

Freddie: Doctor is it broken?

Doctor: Yes, I'm afraid it is.

Freddie: Noo!

Doctor: I get somebody to check on it.

Carly: I can't believe Sam broke your necklace.

Freddie: I know. Where's Sam?

Carly: I don't know, after she punched your necklace, she said a dirty word.

Freddie: What word?

(Carly whisper it in Freddie's ear)

Freddie: OH! She call us hobknockers!

Carly: Don't forget it's illegal too.

Freddie: Okay, let's bail outta here!

Carly: Yeah.

(leaves the hospital)

(Doctor comes back)

Doctor: Hello, hello? Now how will I fix that boy's necklace?!

Part 11, Stay tune for iStart Over Part 12!

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