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Hey everyone, this Bunnyboo50 with more of the episode, iStart Over! From the last part, the strong rain and wind continues as Spencer and co are still lost at sea (subplot). In the meantime, Freddie and Sam are prepare for their date, but Carly accidently trips on Fredie and makes out on the lips where Sam appears at that very moment. Sam breaks Freddie's necklace and sent to the doctor. Carly and Freddie leave the hopistal shortly.

Please enjoy this part!!!

Spencer: Guys look I see something it!

Guppy: Is it Taylor Swift!

Spencer: What?! No!

Gibby: I'm sorry Spence, Guppy's a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

Guppy: (smiles) She is HOT!

(everyone stares at Guppy)

Melanie: Spencer, what do you see?!

Spencer: It looks like flash of light from far away, but not completely sure because of the rain! Quick, Mrs. Benson and Pam pale the boat!

Mrs. Benson: (upset) Fine!

Pam: Whatever.

(pales the boat)

Guppy: Happy birthday!

(scene flashs to the groovy smoothie)

T-Bo: Hey Sam.

Sam: (sad) Hey T-Bo.

T-Bo: You seem pretty down (sits down on a chair next to Sam) why don't you tell me.

Sam: ..... Freddie cheated on me and had kissed Carly.

T-Bo: Oh, I'm sorry, Samantha. Ya know I had a girl that cheated on me. Her name was Lisa and had kissed a tree right in front of my eyes during our date in the woods.

Sam: (stares at T-Bo weirdly) What happen to "Lisa."

T-Bo: Oh when she was kissing the tree, I heard a bear roar coming right now us, so I ran and took her purse. I never seen her again.

(Sam stares at T-Bo)

T-Bo: Here's another thing to get a bad breakup away. When a boy comes back for ya, snap your fingers while you put your other hand on your hips. Watch me. (*snaps fingers with other hand on his hip*) Now you do it.

Sam: I'll pass.

(*Freddie and Carly appear and Sam quickly stands up*)

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