We're back!

Carly & Freddie: SAM!

Sam: What do you hobknockers want!

Freddie: Hurtful.

Carly: Sam, listen, nothing happen between me and Freddie.

Freddie: Totally!

Sam: Yeah, tell that to your......

T-Bo: Sam! Like we practice! (*snaps his fingers while other hand is on his hip*)

Sam: (repeats herself) Yeah, tell that to your faces! *snaps fingers, other hand on hip*

  • Carly and Fredie look at each other with the same expression*

Sam: (weird face) Okay that felt weird.... Anyway out of my way.

Carly: No, until we calm down and talk about this!

(*Sam flips both Carly and Freddie and leaves out of the door*)

Carly: Well, that didn't work.

Freddie: (*helps Carly up*) What are we gonna do?

T-Bo: Take her on an unexpected date somewhere that she'll likely go to.

(*Carly and Freddie look at each other*)

Freddie: Hmm, since when have you.....

T-Bo: I've been getting trainned.

Carly: Ahhh....

Narrator: Meanwhile!

(continues to rain at sea and Seattle)

Spencer: HEY! Over here!

Gibby: Please food!

Melanie: A warm coat!

Guppy: A puppy!

(a boat appears near them with a obese sailor)

Sailor: Hello?

Spencer: Hey! I'm Spencer, artist/captain! *shows his cap*

Sailor: Good for you!

Spencer: And this is me crow!

Gibby: Really?

Mrs. Benson: Agree!

Sailor: Hello Captain Spencer and crow, my name is Henry and I'm a sailor! Is there anything you need?

Spencer: Yes, but first I love Captain Spencer second do you have a map to get us back to Seattle?

Henry: Yes certainly I do let me get it first! *seaches for it*

Guppy: Big boos!

Henry: Boos? What boos?

Guppy: Your chest looks like woman's boos!

Spencer: He didn't just say that!

Gibby: Yup, he indeed didn't say that

Guppy: Boobie man!

Henry: (overwhelm) That's it! If that kid is going to call my chest boos, I'm leaving! *leaves*

Gibby: Wait!

Spencer: Don't go! Your chest aren't boobies!

(everyone looks at Guppy)


Everyone Else: GUPPY!!

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