(Carly's bedroom)

Carly: That's it, it's no use, I can't call Spencer. I wonder what happened.

Freddie: Did you sent a text message to him?

Carly: Everything. I even tried calling Pam, Melanie, and Gibby.

Freddie: Did you try my mom's.

(Carly turns around and glares at him)

Freddie: Yeah right, why would you call her.....

Carly: Anyway, been to Sam and you, how are you guys going to get back with each other?

Freddie: I'm not sure, she is too upset to talk or call me.

Carly: (gets an idea) But..... what if we get her to the Seattle's Space Needle we can be able to get you two to talk.

Freddie: But how can do this if she won't even talk.... (sees Carly grins; grins) I see, you got a plan.

Carly: (slowly nodding her head) Oh yeah....

(Sam's House)

(Sam smashes bed into pieces with a hammer)

Sam's Cat: Meow....

Sam: Get out of here cat! Don't you see I smashing my bed into smitrems! (continues to smash bed)

(Cat walks and rips Sam's pictures of her, Freddie, and Carly)

Sam: Yeah, that's it, kitty, rip it for momma!

(*doorbell rings*)

Sam: Uhhh, who is it?

(outside the door)

Carly (in disguise as an obese man costume) I can't believe you made me wear this costume. The balls that I put in my tushy makes my butt feel big! The mustache makes me feel like a bush on my upper lip.

Freddie: (disguise as a mime) Hey, at least she won't know it's you or..... me.

(*Sam opens the door*)

Sam: Ummm, who are you people.

Carly & Freddie: I'm.... um..... duh......

Carly: I'm, I'm, B-Buddy Butt, t-that's my childhood name as my butt is as large as a pig's.

(*Freddie's imatiates a mime doing trap-in-a-box*)

Sam: And the mime......

Carly: Oh, h-he's Mini Mime! Anyway, we came with a letter.

(passes letter to Sam)

Sam: (excited) No way! I've won the Fat Cake Contest! Wait, I've never enter or even heard about this.

Carly: Um, uh, w-we were just r-r-randomly choosing people to choose a winner to have done this without a contest, yeah that's right.

Sam: OKAY! Where do I have to meet this at!!!!?

Carly: The Seattle Space Neetle at 8:30pm.

Sam: ALRIGHT! Mama's going to eat fat cakes tonight! (closes door)

Freddie: So now what? I heard tonight it's suppose to be more windy and more rain.

Carly: Don't worry it would be alright.

(*trips over, Carly*)

Carly: Owww, can you help me, my butt is too big to stand up.

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