(Subplot; Pacific Ocean)


Gibby: 'ENOUGH!'

(everyone stops)

Guppy: (optimism) Enough!!

Melanie: What?

Gibby: Instead of getting mad at Guppy...

Guppy: GUPPY!!

Gibby: ..... We should just focus on getting home.

Mrs. Benson: The chubby kid's right, I need to get back to Freddie!

Gibby: Feelings....

Pam: I need to get back home and eat lunch.

Melanie: I want to see Sam if she's okay.

Spencer: Alright, fine.

Guppy: Hey, I've got an idea.

Melanie: Really? You do! Holy OMG tell us!

Guppy: Okay, if we just work together as guppies we can get back to Spottle.

Spencer: Wait, wait, wait, that isn't a bad idea.

Gibby: Yeah, it isn't. Good job, gup.

Guppy: I rub my tummy when I'm happy!

Mrs. Benson: Wait a minute? What's that?

Spencer: What do you mean?

Mrs. Benson: Over there, it looks like it's getting bigger in the water.

Melanie: Yeah, I see it too.

Spencer: Dear god.....

(giant wave hiding towards them)

Gibby: (screams) IT'S THE BIG ONE!!!

Guppy: Hi wave!

Gibby: (screams) On second thought, we never listen to Guppy!

(takes out shirt and throws it in the water)

Guppy: Splash me baby!!

Gibby: Any agreements?!!

Others: Agree!

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