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iStart Over (Movie) Part 16

(Seattle Space Needle; Rainning heavily; on the highest point of the building)

Sam: Hello? Hello? Hello?! Where is Buddy Butt and his dum sidekick the skinny mime.

(Carly and Freddie appear)

Carly: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, yeah, Carly and Freddork, where's skinny and chubby bottoms with the free fat cakes?!!

Carly: Umh, w-we were Buddy Butt and Mini Mime.

Sam: Wait a minute, you two were butt head and makeup artist?

Freddie: Y-You could say that.

Sam: No wonder, Carly's boos aren't the size of gorillas!

Carly: Feelings....

Sam: Then on that case I'm leaving, w-with my own boos!

Carly: Wait! Sam! Stop!

(Sam stops)

Carly: Listen, we came here to tell you that nothing happened between Freddie, this boy right here! And me!

Freddie: Yeah, nothing, despite all those fights in the past, I love you.

Sam: I don't believe! (runs away towards the outside of the Space Needle)

Carly & Freddie: Wait, Sam, stop!

Carly: Okay we need to stop doing that! (both Carly and Freddie follows Sam outside the Needle)

Freddie: Sam! Are you crazy?!! It's dangerously pouring out here and we're on the highest point of The Seattle Space Needle!!

Sam: Ohh, rain, spain, I'm not letting no stinking rain stop me!

Carly: But....

Sam: Oh but nothing carls!

Freddie: Sam, I'm really in love with you!

Sam: Yeah, right.

Freddie: (comes near her) But...

(hears a cracking noise)

Carly: What is that?

Sam: I have no id-

(half of the space needle platform falls apart, causing Sam to lose her balance but barely manages to hang on the ranling; Freddie is on the same part of the broking platform with Sam, but safely far from her while Carly is safely near the door)

Sam: (screams) AHHHHH!!!!

Carly & Freddie: (screams) AHHHH!!!!!!!!


(Spencer and co. are inside the boat after the wave came across them)

Spencer: Ohh, that was some massive wave.

Gibby: I know, it manage to knock all the water out of my ears from the wave.

Melanie: Oh mad my hair a total mess and my clothes are a total disaster.

Gibby: Don't worry, you still look cute the way you are.

Melanie: Awww, tummy bear!

Gibby: Oh hottie bear!

Spencer: Enough with the nicknames!

Mrs. Benson: Onch, that wave gave me a headache. I will never go with you on boat ride trips!!

Pam: Well, luckily, that wave gave me tons of fish. Plus, none of you can have none, except the small one.

Gibby: Hey! W-Where's Guppy!

Spencer: I don't see him!

Pam: Maybe he's inside this face! (put hand through fish)

,Mrs. Benson: Spencer, chubby #2 is nether to be seen.

Spencer: So, Guo, is no longer with us.

Gibby: (cries) Guppy.....

Melanie: (hugs Guppy) Oh Gibby......

Gibby: I'll never forget him as a brother and how he uses 'happy birthday' as his catch phrase.

Guppy: Happy birthday!

Gibby: It's like I can hear it one last time.

Spencer: Wait, that is Guppy, right there on this deck nearby us.

Guppy: (holding a bag) Happy birthday to you all!

Gibby: Gup! You're alive!

Guppy: I am?! I AM!

Mrs. Benson: Wait, if this is a deck than we're.....

Spencer: In Seattle!!

Everyone: (shouts) YES!!!

Spencer: Let's celebrate with some food.

Guppy: In this bag there's fried crabs!

Everyone: YEAH!!!

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