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iStart Over (Movie) Part 3

Bunnyboo50 December 19, 2010 User blog:Bunnyboo50

(messenger ringing; Carly walks over and answers it)

Carly: Hello, Pam?

Pam Puckett: Carly? It's me, Pam! Tell Sam we're here!

Sam: What am I deaf? I can hear you!

Pam: I've got Melanie!

Carly: Okay.

Pam: (shout) Just bring us up!

Carly: Fine, pushy! (presses the buttom to bring them up the elevator)

Gibby: I can't wait to meet this sister of yours, Sam!

Freddie: Don't hold your breath, Gibby?

Gibby: (confused) Huh? Why?

Freddie: Cause "Melanie" isn't real.

Sam: (mad) She is too!

Carly: Yeah!

Spencer: It's so true.

Mrs. Benson: It is possible, Freddie.

Freddie: Mom!

Sam: What'll see.

Freddie: Oh we will, puckett.

(Elevator opens)

Melanie: (cheerful) Hey guys!

(Freddie speechlessly faints to the floor)

Melanie: What just (interrupted)

Sam: Skip it.

Melanie: HEY Samantha, haven't seen ya in a while!! (hugs Sam)

Sam: Hahahaha, don't ever say that name.

Melanie: Tee hee, heeey Carly!

Carly: (Hugs her) Hey Melanie!

Melanie: oh, and I couldn't forget about you, Spencer!

Spencer: Or should you say, CAPTAIN SPENCER, hee hee! (hugs her)

Melanie; Oh, hello, Sam told me about you, your Mrs. Benson, your not going to bother huh?

Mrs. Benson: (annoyed) Of course not, I hope your less violent than Sam.

Sam: Hello? I'm standing right here!

Mrs. Benson: Yeah.

Gibby: (flirty) Hello sweetcheeks!

Melanie: Oh yeah! My sister sooo totally told me about you. Wow! Your cuter in person!

Sam: Dude! He's shirtless!

Melanie: Well I think it's cute.

Gibby: Meow.

Sam: wow, your so totally screw up.

Pam: Are we done with the chit chap, because I want to eat and get on the boat!

Spencer: Well okay then.

Carly: Oh yeah, that reminds me, we need to leave to Seattle's Space Tower!

Sam: Alright, let's go!

(begins to leave until Carly stops Sam)

Carly: Wait! What about Freddie?

(Freddie still fainted on the ground)

Sam: Uh, I'll carry him.

(Sam carries Freddie on her shoulder, exiting the door)

Carly: Bye guys!

Spencer: Bye Carls!

Melanie: Bye bye!

Mrs. Benson: Make sure you take care of Freddie, dummy!

Guppy: Happy Birthday!!

Stay Tune for Part 4 of iStart Over!

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