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iStart Over (Movie) Part 4

Bunnyboo50 December 21, 2010 User blog:Bunnyboo50

Spencer: Alright, now that their gone we need to see if we have every we need and MAN I really look good in this cap!

Pam: (flirty) I think you do.

Spencer: I'm.... not really looking for a relationship right now. Anyway, Melanie! You have the cooler with our drinks?

(making out Gibby and Melanie)

Spencer: (disgusted) That is so mushy! MELANIE!

(stops kissing)

Melanie: OH, yes, tee hee!

Spencer: Alright then, Mrs. Benson, the food?

Mrs. Benson: Yup, and I got everyone all spoons!

Gibby: Why, spoons?


Mrs. Benson: Forks can poke out you tongue!

Spencer: Anyway, Pam, the chairs!

Pam: What?

Spencer: I SAID did you get the chairs?!

Pam: Why ask me, I can't pay for chairs!

Mrs. Benson: Uhh! What mother can't get everyone chairs?

Pam: Me, I can't even afford Sam food, so we eat ham. Get it, ham, Pam, SAM!!

Spencer: Alright! The GIBSTER!!

Gibby: I still LOVE that name!

Spencer: Do you have the fireworks?

Gibby: Of course, Spence.

Mrs. Benson: Why bring fireworks, it's dangerous and unsafe!

Spencer: (happy) Come on Ms. B, fireworks are beautiful!

Melanie: And dazzling hee hee!

Gibby: And cute like you!

Melanie: Oh your such a Gibby! I love that about you!

Gibby: (smiling) YEAAAAHHH......

Spencer, Mrs. Benson, & Pam: (disgusted; make throw up sound) UH UH!


Spencer: Anyway let's go!


(exiting the Shay's apartment)

STAY TUNE FOR iStart Over!

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