Narrator: We're back with iStart Over! Only on NICK!

(The iCarly Trio on top of Seattle's Space Neetle)

Carly: (excited) OMG! I can't believe we're actually on top of Seattle's Space Neetle!

Sam: (carrying Freddie) What's so good about Seattle's Space Neetle?

Carly: WELL Miss "I DON'T KNOW", you can see everything, including that hoobo, hey hoobo!

Sam: Okay, since it's so good, I'll throw Freddie down there!

Carly: No, that ain't right.

Sam: I didn't think so.

Carly: Besides, when is he going to wake up?

Sam: Watch this!

(puts Freddie down; then whisers loudly)

Freddie: (scare) WHAT?! WHERE AM I?! I'M READY COACH!

Carly: Finally your awake!

Sam: Yeah, you know how many miles I had to carry you, like 5 miles!

Freddie: WHO ARE YOU! MELANIE, Sam's clone?

Sam: I'm Sam Puckett, and Melanie isn't my clone, but annoying.

Freddie: But if your not clones...... YOUR TWINS?!

Carly & Sam (tune together) Duh!


Carly: Okay we get it, let's just do the show.

Freddie: Right, pass me the camera that's in your pearse.

(Carly passes the camera to Freddie)

Freddie: Alright, let's start the show!

Sam: Freddie, do I look good?

Freddie:.....No, you don't.

Sam: What did you just say to Momma?!

Freddie: Nothing!

Sam: Alright, then.

Freddie: In 5, 4, 3, 2.... (points finger to the girls)

Carly & Sam: HELLO PEPS!

Carly: I'm Carly, the prissy one!

Sam: I'm Sam, her sassy best friend!

Freddie: I'm Freddie, who just figure out Sam has a twin!

Carly: Anyway, we're live from Seattle's Space Neetle on top!

Sam: Yup, isn't it exciting than iCarly?

Carly: (happily) Noooo, Sam.

Sam: (happily) I've tried!

Freddie: Yeah, you did.

Sam: Okay Benson, this the last straw!

(Sam attacks Freddie; he drops the camera)

Freddie: NO SAM, OFF! OW!

Carly: Sam! Freddie! Stop!

Stay Tune For iStart Over Part 6!

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