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iStart Over (Movie) Part 6

Bunnyboo50 December 21, 2010 User blog:Bunnyboo50

(At Seattle's Decks)

Spencer: Alright we're here!

(the rest of them see the boat)

Gibby: Your kidding!

Spencer: Yeah, what's wrong with it?

Mrs. Benson: First of all, there is lots of seaweed, there is an inch of water in there, and is that a dead fish on there!

Pam: I say we eat it!

Mrs. Benson: What, no!!

Guppy: Here's your present (holding a dead flower)

Mrs. Benson: No I don't Guppy lips!

Melanie: I'll take it.

Guppy: YAY!

Spencer: Come on guys, let's just go!

Everyone Else: Well uh....

Spencer: Come onnnnn....

Everyone Else: Fine.

Spencer: YAY!!

Guppy: YAY!!

Gibby: NO!!

(Seattle's Space Neetle)

Carly: (sesparateing Sam & Freddie) Alright, Sam you've made your point!

(Sam & Freddie sesparated)


Sam: OH, so now I'm a man!

Carly: Alright! Sam! You stay here! Me and Freddie will talk in private!

Sam: BUT...

Carly: Up!

Sam: Fine, Momma wants it quick!

Carly: Papa will!

(Takes Carly & Freddie go down below the Space Neetle)

Carly: Okay Freddie, can we talk about this!

Freddie: No, I don't want to talk about it.

Carly: NO, we can't stop talking about this!

Freddie: Maybe I should... (interrupted)

Carly: I don't care!

Freddie: So how was that.... chicken pox pie? Good huh?

Carly: What chicken pox pie?

Freddie: Carly....

Carly: Are you in love with me or not?

Freddie: Yes.

Carly: But you promise. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as we---

Freddie: No, no, no! I'm not in love with you.

(short silence)

Carly: Then who are you in love with?

(short silence)

Freddie: I'm in love with.... Sam.

(Carly shocked)

Carly: Waiiiiiit, so that means you are in Sam love?

Freddie: (nervous) Hm, you can say that.

Carly: Wait, all those fights....

Freddie: Lied.

Carly: All those bets?

Freddie: Worth it.

Carly: Hold up! The kiss! Did you enjoy the kiss with Sam?

Freddie: (nervous) Maybe, okay a little. Do you accept it.

(short silence)

Carly: Yes, it's fine. We're friends, so I'll accept it.

Freddie: Okay, but don't tell Sam I like her.

Carly: Instead of that, I think you should tell her how you really feel.

Freddie: WHAT?!

Carly: I mean, go up there and tell her how you feel about her.

Freddie: Hmm, okay.

Carly: See, that wasn't so hard.

Freddie: Yeeeeeah let's just go.

Stay tune for Part 7 of iStart Over!

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