(In the Pacific Ocean)

Mrs. Benson: I feel..... seasick.

Gibby: How do you think I feel.

Melanie: I feel like a guppy fish.

Guppy: GUPPY!!

Gibby: Gubby!

Pam: I can't believe we're out here at sea, and I'll never get marry.

Mrs. Benson: Who would really want to marry you!

Pam: It depends. (*munchs on fish*)

Gibby: Please tell me your not eating that dead fish.

Pam: Maybe....

Everyone else: Gross!

Spencer: Okay, we are at sea peps!

Melanie: Spencer, we've been at sea for a half an hour, and this is no fun at all.

Gibby: She's got a point.

Everyone else: Yeah, she does.

Spencer: Come on guys, let's just get into the spirit.

Gibby & Melanie: How?

Spencer: Like, uh, like, see the ocean, admire the ocean, drink the ocean.....

Mrs. Benson: Enough saying ocean, it just makes me feel like to throw up even more.

Spencer: Well it is at least a beautiful day.

(begins to thunder, sky gets darker, and begins to rain)

Gibby: You were saying.

Spencer: GIBBY!!


Everyone else: GUPPY!!

Stay tune for iStart Over Part 8

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