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iStart Over (Movie) Part 8

Bunnyboo50 December 25, 2010 User blog:Bunnyboo50

Narrator: We're back from the world primere movie of iStart Over! Only on Nick!

(Seattle's Space Neetle)

Carly: (walking up stairs) Wow, it's really rainning hard.

Freddie: Well, it did say on the News (interrupts)

Carly: Who watches the news?

Freddie: As I was saying, the News says this will probably be Seattle's biggest rainstorm yet.

Carly: Really?

Freddie: Yeah, for the past days it's going to rain harder than usual, hail, and loud clouds of thunder.

Carly: Whoa, that doesn't really same interesting. But let's just hope your ready to tell how you feel about Sam.

Freddie: I am.... (whispers) sort of....

(up on top of the Space Neetle on the outside)

Carly: Hey Sam.

Sam: Hey Carly, hey Fredward.

(hear thunder as the rain beats harder)

Sam: Uhh! Will this rain calm down!

Carly: (weird look) It just started.

Sam: Yeah, it's getting more annoying than ever.

Carly: Anyway, there's something what Freddie has to say...

Sam: Omigosh, now what?!

(Freddie doesn't say nothing)

Carly: Freddie?

Freddie: Yes?

Carly: Isn't there anything you want to say to Sam?

Freddie: Yeah?

Carly: Than say it!

Freddie: (*sighs*) Uhhh.... Sam, I'm in love with you. (frighten) DON'T HURT ME!

Sam: (grabbs Freddie) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Freddie: (scared) NO! NO! I REALLY LOVE YOU!

Sam: (let's go of Freddie) You, you are?

Freddie: Yes.

Sam: Well, that's weird, because, I feel exactly the same way....

Freddie: You, you do?

Sam: Well, yeah, and I did love the kiss.

Freddie: Really, cause I did to.

Carly: (smiles) Awwwww!

(Sam and Freddie awkwardly look at Carly)

Carly: Oh sorry. HEY! I know, you guys can have a date, here at the Space Neetle!

Freddie & Sam: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Carly: Come on! It's obivous now that you guys love each other, so let have you two have a date, and I'll be your servant and you guys can dress all fancy dancy, hee hee!

Freddie & Sam: Well, uh... sure.

Carly: Awesome, so it can be tomorrow night.

Freddie & Sam: Tomorrow night!

(both of them look at each other)

Sam: Seriously we need to quit doing that, if we want to do this!

Freddie: Well I need to go. Tomorrow night, Sam?

Sam: ....Tomorrow night, yeah (smiles).

(Freddie leaves)

Sam: Love is a crazy thing.

Carly: Oh yeah! That reminds me, how long is Spencer is at the Pacific?

(In the Pacific Ocean)

(Rainning Hard at Sea)

Mrs. Benson: (scared) This is not here I wanna end life!

Melanie: We're so together gonna die out here!

Pam: Don't worry Melanie, momma's here!

Gibby: (sad) I never thought this is gonna be my last time taking off my shirt!

Guppy: Happy birthday!!

Gibby: GUPPY! This isn't the time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so NO HAPPY BIRTHDAY today because we're all gonna die!

Mrs. Benson: Spencer! Can we please leave!

Spencer: Come on, guys! Let's get our spirits up!

Gibby: Your kidding me!

Melanie: Totally kidding me!

Pam: And my fish!

Mrs. Benson: (mad) SPENCER, WE'RE LOST AT SEA, with the tiniest little sea animals to keep us company!!!!!!!

Spencer: But maybe there's a bright side to this.

(Thunders roars)

Gibby: You were saying?

Spencer: GIBBY!


Gibby: (interrupts) Don't say it.

(Spencer's phone rings)

Melanie: Who is it?

Spencer: It's Carly.

Spencer: Hey Carly, Carly- (Thunder roars louder)

Spencer: AHH!! (drops cellphone in the sea)


Spencer: To live a better life!

Mrs. Benson: (cries) We're gonna die!

Spencer: Hey! That spark didn't come from the cellphone! It was from a jellyfish! We can eat it!

Gibby: Is it dead?

Spencer: I think so, so I'm just gonna-

Spencer: (gets electricuted) AHHHHHH!!


Spencer: Ahh! It's definently alive! Oww!

(everyone else laughs)

Gibby: I'm sorry but that was way too funny!

Spencer: GIBBY!!

Stay tune for Part 9 of iStart Over!

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