(The next day; Carly's apartment)

Sam: Carly, Carly!

Carly: What?

Sam: Which outfit should I wear, red tank top with ripped pants, or blue tanktop with shorts?

Carly: That doesn't sound too good, maybe you should try something fancier, ya know like, a gown!

Sam: Okay this is a date, not a love story.

Carly: (smiles) Come on!

Sam: Finnnne.

Carly: Good, you can borrow one from one of my outfits from my room.

Sam: 'kay, by the way, why do you seem so.... worried.

Carly: Spencer won't answer hear phone, and I've been trying to call him ever since.

Sam: Ya know love makes you feel like eating fried chicken, I'm gonna go take the dress and go out to eat and go to my house to try on the dress.

Carly: Sounds good enough.

(Sam leaves at the back door)

(knock on the door)

Carly: Come in.

Freddie: CARLY! What outfit should I wear, the T-Shirt or the sandwich?!

Carly: Freddie, I think your losing your mnd because why does a T-Shirt goes with a plain old sandwich?

Freddie: Well this is Sam we're talking about, not sandwiches and shirts!

Carly: Well, go wear something fancy like a Tuexdo, I think Sam would dig it.

Freddie: Sure, but have you seen my mom, ya know Spencer, Gibby, Guppy, my mom, and Sam's maybe sister have been at the Pacific Ocean for a long time.

Carly: Yeah I know, I've been calling Spencer all day long and he's still not answering. It's weird.

Freddie: Totally, I think it might have something to do with The Horrible Storm, cause it's still happening.

Carly: Well if it is, then I hope they don't come back with broken bones and stuff like that.

Freddie: Well, I have to go to the store and buy a Tux, see ya.

Carly: Kay!

(Freddie walks out of the door)

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