1. CAMlicious One Shots:iLost My Mind Too & iGet Cold I'm starting A series of Cam One Shots. Everytime I think of a CAM one shot I'll post it with "CAMlicious" in the title. CAM lovers ENJOY. CAM femslash Sam/Carly. This one is a double feature to celebrate the beginning of this idea. 1.Carly finds Sam in the mental hospital and things don't go as planned 2. Carly gets sick and she finds herself freezing at night alone.

2. CAMlicious One Shots : iWake up

Third CAM one shot I've written. CAM lovers enjoy. Carly is having trouble sleeping lately and she doesn't know why. Then a certain dream sparks a moment Carly will never forget. CAM Carly/Sam femslash. You know the chiz. ENJOY!

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