Full Stories:

1. Reverse CREDDology: A CREDDIE Fanfic Reverse Psychology is a clever method commonly used to affect the actions or words of others. But can the same occur with a person's emotions? A boy who seems to have lost hope in an unreachable love; and a girl who looks back to a desirable past; just may find the truth to this truly interesting question. CREDDIE Shipper here to spread the love. Please enjoy.

One Shots:

2. In Freddie's Shoes It's funny when everything goes backwards. One day he loves you and you're putting him down, then you're the one caught staring and getting Flicked in the head. CREDDIE one shot

4. iThink They're Gay This one-shot has smidge of CAM, a bunch of CREDDIE, and if you squint your eyes and look real close there's SEDDIE. Freddie overhears Sam and Carly's conversation and thinks they are in love.

5. Momma Plays to Win Carly and Sam have a fight about who should date Freddie.SEDDIE vs. CREDDIE one-shot

6. You're Not Bacon "So I'm not bacon?" "You're a little more tasty than that." How iSaved Your Life should have ended CREDDIE one-shot

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