• CabbieFreak84

    This is a short episode I am going to create about Nora returning again and trapping only Freddie in her house and kissing him until Carly, Sam, and Gibby save him. This is a Fora story (Nora and Freddie: F/reddie and N/ora) because Nora kisses Freddie, but Freddie doesn't return it, of course. Here it is:

    Nora plans to break out of prison to kidnap the iCarly gang once again, but now that she thinks about it for a few minutes, she plans to only kidnap Freddie because of her crush of him and she plans to kiss him again. Nora pretends to not be in her cell and one of the officers sees it and goes inside and Nora appears, steals his keys, and locks the officer inside and escapes the prision.

    Meanwhile, Freddie is riding his bike to school and a…

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