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    Harry Potter and iCarly

    August 16, 2011 by CabbieLove

    NOTE: I AM IN NO WAY SAYING iCARLY RIPPED OFF HP. Just a little discussion opener (: Let's assume you read and/or watched Harry Potter.

    Have you ever noticed that-




    Gibby= Neville

    Also, I asked around and 7 of my friends are Creddie shippers, and are also Harry/Hermione shipper. 14 of my friends are Seddie shippers, and are also Ron/Hermione shippers. Therefore-



    I realize some Seddie shippers ship Harry/Hermione and there are some people who ship Creddie but love Ron/Hermione. I was just pointing out the similarities. :)

    Let's talk about personality. Carly (Harry) got more mature as the years went by and is kind of famous, Sam (Ron) fell in love with their best friend tha…

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