NOTE: I AM IN NO WAY SAYING iCARLY RIPPED OFF HP. Just a little discussion opener (: Let's assume you read and/or watched Harry Potter.

Have you ever noticed that-




Gibby= Neville

Also, I asked around and 7 of my friends are Creddie shippers, and are also Harry/Hermione shipper. 14 of my friends are Seddie shippers, and are also Ron/Hermione shippers. Therefore-



I realize some Seddie shippers ship Harry/Hermione and there are some people who ship Creddie but love Ron/Hermione. I was just pointing out the similarities. :)

Let's talk about personality. Carly (Harry) got more mature as the years went by and is kind of famous, Sam (Ron) fell in love with their best friend that they hated at first and loves food, and Freddie (Hermione) the smart one who went from dork to hunk (Hermione went from bushy haired preteen to a beautiful woman).

That concludes my presentation.

-Laura (:

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