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    MyGoodbye... Blog

    November 23, 2012 by Cabbieseddie88

    Hi iCarly fans! Since today is the final day of iCarly airing new episodes, I figured I would say my goodbyes. In general, I'm sure little to no one will really care about this blog, but I'm not really here to get attention, this is just somthing I have to say.

    This whole experience has been amazing. One website were thousands of fans can come together? and talk about the things we love about iCarly? is just awesome. Over a thousand pages devoted to our iCarly universe. We're surely not all friends here, we are divided on so many things. We've argued, had fights, and sometimes all out war about our feeligs, thoughts, and ideas. But we do have one universal thing that brings us all together: iCarly. So lets enjoy it together','? one last timeā€¦

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