I don't know if this is something people in charge will frown upon but I'm posting it. It deals with politics and if you don't want it here feel free to delete it, I will not complain at.

Some of you might have noticed that some of the sites you visit are black and direct you to a page. Well those site are protesting a bill that will be put in front of congress called SOPA which stands for "Stop Online Piracy Act". Pretty much it's to stop people from pirating copyrighted stuff.

You might be thinking to yourself "I don't steal anything, I'm okay with it.". Well most of you are right but some of you are wrong. A lot of people in fandom use Copyright stuff to come up with other stuff. Now we don't get on trouble because most people don't mind it and some actually like and encourage it. Also they send letters to the sites that host fan stuff if they are not cool with us using it. Just look at FANFICTION.NET they don't even allow you to post stuff that they have been told not to allow. WWE sent a e-mail to a big site I used to be a regular at that told them what they allowed and what they did not. It's the fact that if could ever happen which is upsetting people like GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA. Not is it now but if it ever will be.

But to show you how stupid this is... Have you ever took a video of people singing "Happy Birthday" to someone? Well that is illegal if you broadcast it. Yeah it's stupid and have you ever been to a birthday where it wasn't sang. Even iCarly did a joke about it in iMake Sam Girlier. When Freddie says "not BD" he is referring to that song. Anytime you have seen that in a show or movie they have paid to use it.

Well a lot of people are upset about this and today they choose to protest it by blacking out their sites. Go to Wikipedia if you don't believe me. So many people complained about it that it actually has changed some people's minds in power. But it's noTt gone and PIPA is still in the horizon.

Don't stop making fan stuff because of this all I'm saying is pay attention to this and if you are old enough vote follow the links on those sites and tell the people that represent you that you are not cool with this. Every person counts to them, well everyone that is of legal age to vote that is. :P

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