Hey I was looking through and :) (I<3 Scott Pilgrim) for stuff I want but will never have the money to buy (Im poor) Anyway I came across Sam's remote...

D :D :D

So much want..

Anyway there were three kinds.

A stupid one that was shinny and looked like it had lights all around it...DO NOT WANT!!!

There was a better one but it only had 4 buttons around the 4 little lights it had stars and the buttons were blue. Better but not good enough.

Then I saw one that they made seem like it was the new version of the second one I diiscussed. It was very similar but it had 6 buttons, no stars (atleast it looked that way), and the buttons were white/clear.

I mean I would have to alter it. I would have to take off the iCarly logo on top. Also the buttons had these little symbols on them that maybe I would have to scratch of or atleast paint over.

But how cool would it be to have one. I mean just for a memento of the show. I would take it everywhere with me. Also it makes sounds to.

I mean it would be better if I could find DIY and make my own that was like exactly like the real one. But this will do.

Also I was watching iSYL and had friends over. My friends dont mind watching it but think we are to old. I mean they laugh and like it they just dont watch it much. Anyway we were watching the extended cut of iSYL and one of them noticed the blow tubes. They said the were flippin cool looking and we spent the next 2 hours trying find them or similar online. We didnt find anything close :(

Anyone have any instruction on how to make a actual remote or the blow tubes. Websites or people that custom make them would be cool too.

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