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    April 17, 2011 by Cailey-Seddie-Lover

    Hey guys! If you have a tumblr please post the link and i'll follow. My tumblr is

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    All the icarly specials or movies were good but alot of people have a fave and a least fave!

    Here is a list of the movies/specials you can choose from

    1. iGo To Japan

    2. iDate a Bad Boy

    3. iFight Shelby Marxs

    4. iQuit icarly

    5. iPsycho

    6.iStart a Fanwar

    In ratings iQuit icarly was top rated movie/special with 8.8 million viewers. The least rated was iStart a Fanwar with 5.024 million.

    But what is your least fave and fave?

    DISCUSS! :)

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