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  • Cali447

    Hey Everybody!

    So this is going to be a weird blog. it's just to get this idea that's beem on my mind out in the open. so here it goes.

    I think i figured out Nick's new iCarly episode airing schedule. I think it's going to be around every two months. I know that it's nothing new but hear me out.

    iOMG aired April 9th

    iParty With Victorious aired June 11th

    iLost My Mind is set to air August 13th

    Anyone else see a pattern? No?

    4, 6, 8,

    9, 11, 13.

    You see it now? So if you guys saw it, then it looks like iDate Sam and Freddie could air on O'ctober 15. I' checked the calendar on my phone and it was a Saturday too so it would work.

    I know it could just be a coincidence but it looks like it could be planned.

    So thank you for putting up with my insanity and my…

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  • Cali447

    What do you guys think is the biggest change to iCarly?

    In my opinion, I believe that how the cast has changed, all the character developement, and the quality of the comedy.

    The cast have all grown up so much and they are all really mature. I mean the biggest changes are Nathan and Noah. Jennette and Miranda look older and even more beautiful than before. Jerry looks the same but, he somehow seems mroe mature (does that make sense?)

    Carly, Sam, and Freddie have all changed since the first episode. They are all friends and have grown up so much. Now with this Seddie/Creddie/Cam/Sibby/Cibby thing, how it plays out will determine their relationship. (I think it was called Camddie?)

    The comedy was very good in the beginning, but now it is just awesome…

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  • Cali447

    What Do You Like?

    May 13, 2011 by Cali447

    Hi everyone! I am new here at the Wikia so I thought about a blog post to get to know people better. (It's not going to be personal questions like "where do you live?")

    1. What is your favorite ICarly episode(s)? 2. What is your least favorite episode? 3. Who is your favorite character? 4. Who is the character (of any show) you love to hate? 5. Do you ship anyone?(NO WARRING PLEASE) 6. Favorite ICarly Moment? 7. Least Favorite? 8. How would you like ICarly to end? (Sad question,I know)

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