What do you guys think is the biggest change to iCarly?

In my opinion, I believe that how the cast has changed, all the character developement, and the quality of the comedy.

The cast have all grown up so much and they are all really mature. I mean the biggest changes are Nathan and Noah. Jennette and Miranda look older and even more beautiful than before. Jerry looks the same but, he somehow seems mroe mature (does that make sense?)

Carly, Sam, and Freddie have all changed since the first episode. They are all friends and have grown up so much. Now with this Seddie/Creddie/Cam/Sibby/Cibby thing, how it plays out will determine their relationship. (I think it was called Camddie?)

The comedy was very good in the beginning, but now it is just awesome. Sure, it may have some bad parts, but doesn't everything? I have laughed so much with the show and I hope you have too.

Well I have nothing else to say, What about you guys? What's changed?

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