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  • Cameddie


    November 23, 2012 by Cameddie

    Oppa Cameddie style!

    Sorry, I had to start this blog on a high note right?

    It was fun guys. Sure, there were moments I'd rather avoid the wikia, but I always ended up getting back until now. The very end? I think not. There is still a lot of iCarly to enjoy on FFN (sorry I don't do Tumblr).

    I want to say goodbye, but I don't know where to start. First I was right about one thing! :D!

    But seriously, I loved a lot of things on being part of this awesome fandom. Shipping Creddie and Creddiam are probably the highlights of it, but also meeting new people who love this show as much as I do. I loved making fanfictions (which you should really read by the way, although …

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  • Cameddie

    2000 edits!

    October 8, 2012 by Cameddie

    Hi people

    Just a little blog from your favorite Creddiam shipper (and Creddie, Sibby and Felanie shipper). I lately edited the Creddie page (with one Creddie hint) and guess what? It was my 2000th! Here is your prove:

    Time for a little parteeyy!

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  • Cameddie

    And we're clear

    May 19, 2012 by Cameddie

    And we're clear

    Once more.
    Once more starting the camera and the laptop for a new episode of iCarly.
    Once more his two favorite girl jumping in front of the camera, for the last time.
    Tears in their eyes and tears in his.
    Once more random dancing.
    Once more ending their weekly routine of making the world a better play.
    One more time saying “And we’re clear,” and realizing for the first time that there won’t be any “In 5, 4, 3, 2…” left to come.
    The last chapter ended. The book is shut. Yet the story never ends. The start of a new era.

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  • Cameddie

    This blog is not a positive blog on the Seddie Relationship (in a romantic way), so if you can't handle it, you've been warned.

    Okay, after iOpen a Restaurant I hear constantly "Bad Freddie, going after ex-girlfriend's best friend after dating her best friend," and I must say I'm kinda sick of it and there are a couple of reasons why.

    Seddie and Sam

    At the moment of the three main relationships (Cam, Creddie, Seddie) is Seddie the most developed relationship on the show. They went from a hate-love friendship, to a acceptance, to a brief relationship, just to end in a relationship that reminds me of some kind of friendship two siblings could have and I must say I love the new Seddie friendship on the show. Especially Sam has grown from an egoi…

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  • Cameddie

    As we all know Seddie is a lot more popular on the internet than Creddie, but we as Creddie fans think that our pairing deserves to be in the spotlight once in a while. It's very hard to get Creddie trending these days especially as many Creddiers have attempted, but failed. That's why I thought we should be doing it on a specific day regularly. That's why we, the Creddiers, called CreddieFriday into the live. Every first Friday of the month (in this case May 4th) there will be a hashtag we will try to get to trending. This month it will be #CreddieFriday So if you support Creddie even in the weakest way, go to your twitter account on the 4th May and start tweeting #CreddieFriday, maybe even multiple times. Let all of your friends know about…

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