Announcer in bold
Acts between double dashes --

Now Sam has cleared up her feelings
--Seddie kiss from iOMG--
It's time for Carly and Freddie to do the same
--Carly and Freddie's reaction to the kiss--
--In the studio:--
Sam: I'm in love with him!
Carly: So am I!
--Shot of Freddie catching them fighting--
Will Freddie be able to choose between the girls?
--Other shot of Freddie--
Freddie: I've decided...
And will Carly and Sam's friendship survive?
--Shots of Carly, Sam and Freddie--
Watch it in the sequel to iOMG, iLove Freddie at 32nd August at 8 on Nick!


He saved their friendship countless times
--Shot of Freddie yanking Carly and Sam's ponytails--
But in iLove Freddie
--Simultanious shot of the Seddie kiss in iOMG and Creddie kiss in iLove Freddie--
He might be the one who drives the girls farther from each other
Spencer: But this might end your friendship.
Carly: Than maybe it's worth it.
than they've ever been
Sam and Carly --screaming--: I hate you!
--Shot of Freddie--
Freddie: If the two of you can't be friends, than we can't either
Will their friendship survive?
--Simultanious shot of Carly, Sam and Freddie crying or thinking---
Watch it in the sequel to iOMG, iLove Freddie at 32nd August at 8 on Nick

I know this is way to dramatic for iCarly/Dan Schneider. I know this won't happen this bad, but I just had to ventilate this idea. Sorry if it's bad.

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