Portemanteau Indyosyncratic
Cam Hostshipping, Webcamshipping
Creddie Brunetteshipping, Maroonshipping, Squirrelshipping
Seddie Blondeshipping, Purpleshipping, Sockshipping
Spam Spamshipping, Prankshipping
Cibby WrongDateShipping, Dreamsequenceshipping
Sibby Danceshipping, Thumbshipping
Fencer Fencershipping, Birthmarkshipping
Sparly Siblingshipping, Bunnyshipping
Fibby Broshipping,
Gencer Pirateshipping, Arghshipping
Felanie Mythicalshipping
Selanie Twinshipping
Vonah VisciousLovershipping
Veddie MentalHospitalshipping
Sonah Textshipping
Sete FlowerPowershipping
Criffin Badshipping
Siffin Crimeshipping
Cadam Cableshipping

So that's it for now, I might add more later.

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