Okay, I just need to vent. I hope that I won't get bashy, but I don't promise anything. It's just about all these Seddie blogs about "Why Creddie shouldn't/wouldn't/won't happening" and it's just starting to get annoying. I didn't look into most of those topics, but it gets really hard to avoid especially if they're highlighted everywhere and it's all "I agree," "Me too" "Me three, Creddie makes no sense at all! (no offense to the creddiers, but hey, it's the truth" WE GET IT, OKAY!!! Can't you make a Why-Creddie-Isn't-Happening-wikia or something because I'm pretty sure you guys will have plenty content for it judging all the topics made about the same subject. To be clear I'm NOT Anti-Seddie, not even in the tips of my toes, but there is a limit and it's just hard being a Creddier and keep believing in it if every time you visit this wikia you read Creddie will never happen. So I'm almost vented. Just one more thing.


venting done.

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