Hello there,

Here's a little something for my fellow Creddiers. It might sound harsh for some Seddiers, but this is what I think would be a good 'scenario' for iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan't Take It and iLove You

In iDate Sam and Freddie is pretty much the honeymoon phase of Seddie. Carly and Gibby feel left out and try to talk them to sentence.

In iCan't Take It, Seddie will probably break up (sorry for the Seddiers who did choose to read this blog anyway). The reason? My guess is that Sam wants Freddie to tell her he loves her, but Freddie says he can't do that. Sam breaks up with him, but regrets it later.

In iLove You, Sam tries to get Freddie back, by acting especially nice to him and giving him presents and such. Freddie still says that he can't say it. In a heart-to-heart conversation Freddie says that he loves Sam, but not the way Sam wants him to love her. He says something like "I love you, but I'm not IN love with you. Not YET,"

Later in the season Carly will date a 'smart guy' and Sam and Spencer/Gibby say that he's pretty familiar, though Freddie doesn't see it. It turns out that the guy has pretty much the same personality as Freddie, but because Carly doesn't want to backstab Sam, she dates a Freddie-sub. Later on Sam and Carly agree to give Freddie some time to get his feelings straight.

Okay, remember the running gag from the first two seasons where Freddie tries to make Carly like him. I think Sam and Carly will try to pull that on Freddie as some kind of running gag.

I know it sounds a little stupid, but I just thought of it.

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