Natalie Parker is not a canonical character of iCarly! Just a main character in my wicked fantasy

Natalie Parker (born December 19, 1994) is the co-host of iCarly. She lives next to Carly's apartment, with her father and mother. She has a crush on Freddie Benson. Freddie is oblivious to her avances however. Since Freddie is subconciously trained to ignore Sam's abuses, Natalie became her new target. Sam is also afraid that Carly likes Natalie better than Sam. Natalie is a very jolly, hyperactive, but subassertive girl, who's easily walked over especially by Carly and Freddie.

Relationships with other main characters

Carly Shay

Carly and Natalie became friends pretty quickly. (Narly)

Sam Puckett

Natalie is Sam's new target for insults and abuses. However they show to care about each other, but are hesitant to call each other friends. Especially Carly and Freddie try to get the two closer to each other with different rates of success. Gibby can weaken both of the girls's muscles by playing Spencer's new piano. Sam is jealous at Natalie, because Sam's afraid that Carly will replace Sam by Natalie. Natalie initianaly likes Sam(Satalie)

Freddie Benson

Natalie has a crush on Freddie, but Freddie is very oblivious to it. However he sees Natalie as a great friend. Freddie is interested in Natalie's talent for music. Freddie is also the first person Natalie meets.(Fatalie)

Gibby Gibson

Natalie and Gibby see each other as their best friend. Gibby and Natalie perform as a musical duo and tend to act this way on iCarly.(Gatalie)

Spencer Shay

Although they barely interact with eachother Natalie and Spencer get along very well (Spatalie)


Freddie Benson (crush)

Natalie has a crush on Freddie, but Freddie is very oblivious to it.

Gibby Gibson (best friend)

Gibby does show some romantic interest in Natalie, but this can easily be interpreted as friendly flirting

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