We as Creddiers are going through a very sad period. Seddie is everywhere and Creddie is downright ignored by the writers and we all know that deep inside everybody loves Creddie, even if it's just a little spark deep down in a Seddiers heart. Apparently, Dan isn't convinced and continues with a Seddie-arc of at least a year, while we as Creddiers are waiting for that little spark that proves that Creddie is meant to be.

But we will wait no more. We will take action and show the entire iCarly Wikia that Creddie is more alive than ever! We will make Creddie happen!!! How you ask? I explain.

Yeah, this is basically the same idea as Rachim's in this topic (, but better (just kidding, Rachim :P). Anyway, we will make a story, or multiple stories. We will see where it ends. But whatever way it ends, Creddie will victor!

<font=verysmall>This intro is in no way intended to start a fanwar and should be in no case taken seriously. User:Cameddie distantiates himself from any arguments caused by this intro.</font>


Playing the Game

  • I'll start off with a short part of story (approx. 100 words). In order the other participants will follow up also with at most 100 words.
  • Any player may end a story and start a new one, provided according the following rules
    • The first post of the previous story is three or more days ago.
    • Every participant has at least provided once or has been skipped once.
  • A player can be skipped by the next participant after three hours. (Five minutes is a little to short imo :P)

Sign Ups

We all would love to read GOOD stories. Therefore I ask you to write a little bit (approx. 250 words) to guard the quality of the story. So, anyone can participate (even Seddiers, haha couldn't help) provided you can write with decent spelling. I will measure the sign ups with the following points:

  • Correct use of capitals
  • Correct use of periods and commas
  • Correct spelling of both names and common words
  • The parts can be:
    • 3rd person
    • 1st person
      • In the game <<character>>'s POV won't count for the 100 words
    • Scenario
      • Keep in mind this isn't the easiest style to write in. You have to be consistent in lay-out which is very difficult especially on wikia. I really discourage to use it, but if you do, do it good.

Rules of the game

  • Keep it PG
  • Keep it Creddie
  • Fans of other ships might also read this, so don't bash any character or pairing on purpose. Sam's not a batch.
  • I will start the game after at least four good sign ups. If I find more good ones, you're in luck.

Post Scriptum

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really want a good story.

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